No matter the limitations, I will excel as a potential Mozillian.


My name is Ida Camara, a member of the Mozilla Club of HackathonGirls. Mozilla club, the Gambia has had a great impart on me as it doesn’t only teaches me on web literacy but to be potential.

When I was a young girl at the age of five, there was a day I was playing with my friends and my half-sister passed by with the bowl of millet to go to the milling machine. I decided to follow her to the place where she mills the millet. When we reached there, as a young girl, I was attracted by the way the milling machine turns off and also how the miller puts his hand at the other side of the machine to see if the millet is been completely powdered but he does that when the machine is turned off. I also wanted to try it and so I waited till everyone’s attention was not on me as I put my hand in the same place the miller does. This I did while the milling machine was turned off. The miller turned the machine on not knowing that my hand was in there. Then I shouted and became unconscious.

I woke up and found myself in the hospital with the diseased hand cut off. To cut my story short, after I left the hospital, one day I was with my mum and I asked her when will my hand recover and back to how it was; but she told me “the more you grow up, the more your hand will recover and be how it was”. I was very happy after hearing that because I was called all sorts of names in school due to that.

A day came when I saw an elderly man whose hands was also cut off above the elbow and I was surprised. Then I went home to ask my mum because she was the same one who told me that my hand would be back as it was, so I wondered why the man’s hand was still like that. This time again I was fooled by her as she told me “but do you know whether he got that at his old age?” I then stopped thinking of that again.

Now that I am a grown up, I understand why mum always fooled me. I know, as a mother, she would be hurt seeing her child in a difficult situation. I am very proud of her and will always be.

I take my situation as a gift from the Almighty, as He is the one who gives and takes. I also know that He does everything for a reason.

Being selected to participate at the FIRST GLOBAL 2018 challenge robotics competition in Mexico to represent Africa (Team Africa) from the Mozilla Club of HackathonGirls, I am very delighted and honored not just because of the traveling from one country to another, but being chosen even though I am considered as a disable. No matter the limitation, I know I am fit for it and will do my best to make the club, mentor, family and Africa proud. I am confident that I can do it as it is been said “you have to endure the bitterness of life in order to succeed”. With this I am ready to show the world that I can do it as a potential Mozillian.

Thank you.

Ida Camara, 18 years Old.