I am a Mozillian


My name is Amie Sankareh and I am 15 years old. It has been a great pleasure being part of the Mozilla club of HackathonGirls which teaches girls about computers and programming. I started at the club with no knowledge in computing, but with the help of the club today I am web literate, as I can now use the internet to do research and use it in the right way. I learnt HTML which stands for Hypertext markup language which is used for the writing aspect of a web page, (contents in the coding language) and CSS which stands for Cascading style sheet for styling a web page. In short I now have the skills to build a web page. I can use these skills to share my story likewise develop a site to give people more information on certain topics etc. A website is important for organisations, institutes etc to share information on what they do. I have also started on how to build an app and hope to build my own app that will help solve a problem in my community.

I will like to say a big thank you to the volunteers of the club for creating such a free club for girls in the Gambia as through the club, I was selected to participate in a robotics competition that will be held in Mexico, which will be my first time travelling out of Africa. Without the Mozilla club I wouldn’t have learnt all what I know now and I cant wait to be a mentor to the club in the future.

Amie Sankareh, 15 years old.