Girls should be web literate



My story at the Mozilla club of HackathonGirls has really been awesome. I learned a lot of things on web literacy, self confidence and teamwork. It was really difficult for me at first to be able to communicate with people because I am the shy type but since I joined the club I learnt how to work in teams, also to share my experiences by speaking during the sessions and my communication skills has improved since then. In the club we share our ideas as a team on different things that was taught and one of which was on Internet Safety and Privacy.

I always use the internet and yet never knew the internet has its disadvantages and their are bad people on the internet too but from the internet safety and privacy sessions, I learnt that as a girl I should be careful of the people I talk to on the internet especially on social media and also not to give out my personal information to strangers. I am also now aware of the tools I can use to keep my self safe on the Internet and also on how to report any abuse or harassment I face. As a girl and a Mozillian, I believe the Internet should be open and accessible to everyone and this is why I joined the Mozilla club of HackathonGirls to get the right skills to be on the Internet. Through the club I got a mentor from Sweden (Wemotion) and I have learnt a lot on the importance of why I should stay in school no matter what.

The club also is full of motivations and encouragements as it is fun and exciting. In my school we do introduction to coding I.e HTML and CSS etc which are coding languages for building a website and I am glad I started learning all that from the club which made it easier for me in my ICT classes. I am glad I am chosen from the club to represent Africa for the First Global competition 2018 in August, and I will like to thank all the volunteers of the club for creating such an awesome club for girls in the Gambia.


Vanessa Williams

18 years old