The Team


Juma Baldeh is a Product Engineer at InSIST Global, a software development Company in the Gambia and has a BSc in Information Systems from the University of the Gambia. She is the founder of HackathonGirls Club, Banjul where she works to empower and encourage more females into the field of technology to break the stereotype most girls face in their communities.

Juma is also the club captain of Mozilla club of HackathonGirls, Banjul and her ambition is to see girls doing software engineering in her community and getting the tech jobs of their desires.



My name is Ndey Touray, am a youngster, studying ICT at Gambia Telecommunication and Multimedia Institute and am also studying cyber security at Sterling Consortium
Institute and I am a volunteer at the Mozilla club of HackathonGirls, Banjul and this is Why I joined Mozilla club of HackathonGirls: Since I was young I always wanted to learn something new and acquire skills that will benefit me in the future, that’s the main reason why I joined the club, and I know and belief that with HackthonGirls, I will achieve that.

Secondly as everything about Mozilla is voluntary service and I love to volunteer, Because” I Just don’t like to see the world, but make a difference in it”. I think we are created to help one another. Help comes in many forms, and I believe that volunteering is one of the ways to help. The bottom line is, it just feels good inside to give unconditional help. In short I like everything about Mozilla club of HacktahonGirls.




My name is Kaddijatou Sanneh, I am 21yrs old. I completed my 12yrs of education at Gambia senior secondary school where I obtained my school living certificate ,then I then further to Gambia telecommunication and multimedia institute where I study ICT up to diploma level and also am studying databases management and networking at sterling. Finally I do a two weeks training of satellite installation and also proud to be a volunteer at the Mozilla Club of HackathonGirls, where I help to empower girls in web literacy.

My aim Is to further my education as an ICT student so that I can impact the knowledge to my community member and work for my country.

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Ngenarr is a lady with inner peace and an ambassador for change. She is a graduate from the University of the Gambia with a Bachelors Degree in Economics and finance. She works as a project Officer at InSIST Global Ltd, the only software company in the Gambia that sells locally made software solutions. She is very active in participating in extracurricular activities in the community she lives in. She is part of the team that manages the social media contents of the Mozilla Club of HackathonGirls club Banjul, a club that provides web literacy to young girls in the Gambia.

She is also the Finance Director of the Oriented Minds Group (OMG), a group of young intellectuals and graduates from the University of the Gambia who came together to make a difference in our community. Her mission is to make sure that children are empowered to make a change in the world.

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Fatou Senghore is a third year student pursuing a degree in Computer Science at The American International University West Africa, The Gambia. She is passionate about being in technology and engineering field, thus makes her to motivate young girls in her community on how to become web literate. She is a true entrepreneur because she always thinks of innovating her own business that is digital and accessible by everyone, so as to create jobs for people rather than hunting for jobs. She always likes to advise owner managers and small medium enterprise business owners to transform their business to suit the world digitally making it easily accessible, marketable and trending. She is the founder and the first female to lead a computer science association at her University.